Sunday, March 20, 2016

Taking submissions for Dregs2 ElectricBoogaloo

As of now I have started the first official drawing for Dregs2, and will be taking submissions. So send me stories and drawings of weird people you have smoked pot with. Whether it was a friend of a friend (usually is), or that weird dealer your friend knew of when all your reliable connects were out. They're all dregs.

And while I'm here introducing the new issue of Dregs in the works, I'd also like to say that I am now officially 100% out of Dregs1. The extra copies I did have were for a local Zinefest that didn't end up happening so I mailed them out upon request, and have finally mailed out the last of those. However! This isn't to say they are completely unavailable. If you would like Dregs1 send me $2 via paypal and I'll get one printed up and mailed especially for you.