Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dregs 2 update

So in case you havent noticed, Dregs 2 is in development hell! Mostly due to procrastination and laziness, and to be honest nothing too spectacular being produced for the theme of weird people you smoked pot with.

However, that isnt to say that I have not been drawing. Ever since we have entered the Twilight Zone in full swing in January, I have been drawing almost exclusively our fearless leader. His face is just a living caricature that its just too hard to resist! This might jusy even be enough to change the format from still images to possibly including a short comic collaboration. Either way, itll still be the dregs you know and love. Unfortunately this means less people on the street drawings (dont encounter them much anymore since I quit cashiering), but its hard not to get sucked into the political oblivion that seems to be our future. Heres a taste of what will probably end up the cover of dregs 2: electoral boogaloo (slight title change!)

I'll probably have some pages to fill out so as always, send in some vile political shit. I'll try to be better about checking the email.

Stay sleazy