Friday, December 18, 2015

Outtakes and Supply

I am pretty much out of copies of Dregs at this point. I do plan on printing up some more, but nothing solid yet. So if you send me an email requesting one, sorry if it takes a little bit to get out to you. After I bring these last few to the post office, and a small stack to another business, I can say that I have successfully distributed 105 copies! Thanks everyone for your interest and support!

I went through my sketchbook folder earlier today and found doodles I did from behind the register in ball point pen. Most of them are just real quick sketches while others I was clearly killing some time at work.

The inspiring landscape view from behind the register

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Where to Get Dregs in Tallahassee

Tallahassee locals can find Dregs at any of these fine local establishments!

RetroFit Records
Simply the best source for new and used records. The staff there is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly.

Cosmic Cats Comics
Any time I have needed that odd issue of a comic I was missing, Ned has been able to get it for me. Great place to get comics and always fun to stop in on First Fridays in Railroad Square

All Saints Cafe
Open 24 hours, All Saints is the best place to get work done and enjoy some fantastic coffee. Anyone who has gone to school in Tallahassee has probably pulled an all-nighter here.

And as always, you can e-mail me or fill out the contact form to the right, and I'd be more than happy to mail you a copy! And if you live in Tallahassee, I would encourage you to spend your extra money at these local businesses.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Distribution Update and Behind the Zine Artwork

Just thought I'd give everyone a little update on distribution. As of noon today I officially mailed out the first 3 care packages containing TEN (10!!!) issues each!

I even made a stamp for the envelopes!
Those of you who have ordered, expect them in the mail within the next three days, and give some of the extras to your friends! Those of you who haven't ordered, e-mail me or fill out the contact form on the right with your address and I will mail you some Dregs! It literally costs you NOTHING! If you publish a zine of your own, be sure to send me a copy of it in return.

I also wanted to share some behind the scenes artwork used in creating Dregs. Hit the jump for the full-color drawings and some backstory on the subjects that were the inspiration.

Monday, December 7, 2015

The Glorious First Issue

I had the idea to do this zine about a year ago when I noticed I was spending most of my time at work doodling all of the same weird vagrants that would wander in and out just about ever day. I started to really develop these doodles in my sketchbook, play with some copic markers and stuff and never did much else with until a few days ago when I pulled my first 20 copies off of the xerox. I'll be printing up many more, so be sure to request a physical copy that includes a bonus secret fold-out drawing! Just use the form on the right!

I give to you the culmination of my efforts, the first (and hopefully not last) glorious issue of Dregs! (more after the jump).
Front Cover