Friday, December 18, 2015

Outtakes and Supply

I am pretty much out of copies of Dregs at this point. I do plan on printing up some more, but nothing solid yet. So if you send me an email requesting one, sorry if it takes a little bit to get out to you. After I bring these last few to the post office, and a small stack to another business, I can say that I have successfully distributed 105 copies! Thanks everyone for your interest and support!

I went through my sketchbook folder earlier today and found doodles I did from behind the register in ball point pen. Most of them are just real quick sketches while others I was clearly killing some time at work.

The inspiring landscape view from behind the register

Direct quote from"Fringe of Reality" guy
Some impatient lady

I remember this guy looking like a real life Frank Miller drawing

Biker dude guy using the phone on one of those "comfy" couches

Dreg enjoyin his coffee
Dreg enjoyin his paper

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