Monday, December 14, 2015

Distribution Update and Behind the Zine Artwork

Just thought I'd give everyone a little update on distribution. As of noon today I officially mailed out the first 3 care packages containing TEN (10!!!) issues each!

I even made a stamp for the envelopes!
Those of you who have ordered, expect them in the mail within the next three days, and give some of the extras to your friends! Those of you who haven't ordered, e-mail me or fill out the contact form on the right with your address and I will mail you some Dregs! It literally costs you NOTHING! If you publish a zine of your own, be sure to send me a copy of it in return.

I also wanted to share some behind the scenes artwork used in creating Dregs. Hit the jump for the full-color drawings and some backstory on the subjects that were the inspiration.

This drawing that I used for the front cover was just me trying to include all of the most grotesque features I could possibly imagine onto one person. Hairless, bulbous nose, lack of dental hygiene, constantly shoving snacks into their gullet. I had just gotten some copic markers and decided I would test them out on what I considered a throwaway drawing. This specific person probably (hopefully) doesn't actually exist, but I wouldn't be surprised if I saw him at a Wal-Mart or something.

I would always see this guy when I was working retail. He would walk in and out all day carrying varying amounts of cups (Big Gulps, 7/11 coffee cups, Starbucks coffee cups, etc.) The thing I noticed about him immediately is how often I would see him, and how fast he seemed to get around town juts by walking. I'd see him walking down the street before I arrive at work, then at work shortly after parking, then all the way down the street on my route home. He just wanders.

This Dreg is one of the first people I noticed regularly when I moved to Tallahassee. Always in a half shirt on the corner, belly sticking out. I haven't seen him in a long time, which could mean he's migrated to a different corner. I one time saw him yelling at a homeless man who was cowering in an alley corner behind a building. Yet another wanderer.

Another person I would watch from behind a cash register as he would walk around our big-box bookstore everyday. Never saying a word to anyone. Occasionally looking at book. More often than not playing air-guitar or air-drums or pretending to shoot a gun at the books that were displayed cover-out. I've seen him while grocery shopping a couple times. Not sure what this guys story is, but yet another wanderer with a set routine that I could never figure out.

This Dreg is from more people watching while I should be working. Another wanderer with the difference being that he audibly talks and mumbles to himself. I've run into him at the comic book store one time where we immediately locked eyes and upon recognition, both of us sort of nervously scattered. all day he would walk all over Tallahassee Mall (when you could still walk through it). Now I sometimes see him driving around town. It wasn't irregular for customers to come up to me and ask if he's ok, like I was supposed to alert the proper authorities or something if he wasn't.

This Dreg is by FAR my favorite person when I was working retail. He was one of the only people included to have regular "conversations" with me--which were pretty much him trapping me behind the register to tell me about some insane conspiracy theory. One thing that always stood out about him was that he STANK of old cigarettes, and he almost always had electrical tape criss-crossing his temples, and jammed in both of his ears. He once told me he figured out that the moon landing was bullshit because he thought the lunar rover had an internal combustion engine, which would never work in the vacuum of space.

This Dreg had only recently been frequenting where I had worked within the last year or so. He would come in with a hard hat on and a gigantic stuffed backpack (which we learned were mostly filled with 24 oz. Natty Lights which he would drink in the mens room). His regular thing was to--as mentioned before--drink Natty Lights in the mens room until he was drunk as shit, then wander over to the chairs by the magazine stand and pass out in a cloud of alcohol that would consume the entire back half of the store. I spent the least amount of time observing him, but needless to say he left an impression on me.

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